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Wet Collector 

WC Series.png

WC Series


Combining of high efficiency, low maintenance costs, simplicity, low water usage, and flexibility in one rugged, well proven piece of equipment.

A wet collector that proven design for handle the particle dust that sticky, moisture, abrasive, explosion and many more.  Designed for continuous operation with minimum service.


Efficient operation is possible on a wide range of materials and particle sizes, including the small micron range. Unique orifice design impeller provides such complete scrubbing of the dust-laden air that fine particles are thoroughly wetted, expanding their mass.

Collection efficiencies of the wet collector are equal to or better than any wet dust collector in the industry, with comparable energy consumption.


Benefit and Feature:


  • High Collection Efficiency

  • Low Maintenance

  • Designed for continuous operation with minimum                                             service

  • Ideally for Sticky, High Moisture, explosive dust

  • Wide range of capacity from 2,500 to 80,000 m3/h

Packed bed.png

Packed Bed Scrubber Series

Packed bed scrubber system is versatile and custom designed to treat and remove a range of gaseous such as

acidic gases, inorganic gases, odours and fumes.

Optimum the system performance by combination of high efficiency reliable packing media with continuous liquid spray system intermixing, and low pressure drop.

Wide range used in acid odour control application in a variety industry.

Capacity range from 2500CFM up to 25,000CFM

Benefit and Feature:

  • Water Recycling complete with recirculation piping system & holding tanks.

  • Easy maintenance c/w Auto-dosing chemical system.

  • Strong and Chemical resistance construction material (FRP) for all the contact surface body.

  • A high-efficiency mist eliminator removes 90-95% entrained liquid.

  • Clear view point and packing refilled door.

  • Complete with monitoring instruments such as DP Gauge, rotameter, flow meter gauge and Y-strainers to prevent the pump damage and nozzle plugging

  • Available with corrosion resistance, FRP & PP blowers.

  • Control Panel skids complete with motor control, liquid sensor (high & low) alarms system, PH & Temperature indicator.

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