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A True-Down Flow collector with completely modular design that allows an unlimited range of sizes.

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Cartridge Pulse Jet (CPJ) Collector is comprehensive simple bolted construction modular series.

Excellent cost effective design by factory pre-assembled -minimize on-site erection.

Solely designed for the collection of dry & fine dust.

Offering high efficiency of filtration quality, & intelligent pulse-jet self-cleaning

dust collector using compressed air to automatically clean.

Wide range of filter sizes applicable for air volumes from 1,000 to 60,000m3/h.

The Feature and Benefit:


  • Optimum performance (Self-cleaning)

  • Simplified Design (Bolted & Modular)

  • Single Piece Product (Min on site erection)

  • Low pressure drop across the system

  • Compact size & Easy system setup

  • Idea for lower headroom applications.

  • Available in 2,3, and 4 cartridge high configurations

  • Expandable-up to 144 cartridges in a standard unit

  • Ease for Maintenance complete with side access door



Portable Mini Dust Collector (MDC) is a compact type series of Cartridge Pulse Jet Collector.

Solely designed for the collection of single work station or non-continuous process.

Auto-cleaning pulse jet system complete with build in motor, control panel

and insulation materials at motor compartment highly recommends for

In-House Air Pollution Control usage.

Available with 3 standard models with air capacity from 1,000 ,2000, &3,000 m3/hr.

The Feature and Benefit:

  • Compact & small footprint

  • Simplify Installation (Plug & Place)

  • Portable (Castor wheels available)

  • Low Energy Consumption (Build in Inverter feature)

  • Noise Level Control (Build in motor with sound insulation)

  • Modern Design complete with Touch Screen Panel.

  • Filter Lifespan alert with the DP gauge indicator.

  • Odour or Better Air Controls with secondary filter 


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