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Environmental Booth (EB)


A self- contained workstation with high filtration efficiency, and
low maintenance requirement.
•Booth design gives workers complete freedom of movement andimproved.
•Modular, compact design permits proper sizing for each application.
Cost effective:
•Removes fine airborne dust from multiple sources which hardly hooded
•Eliminate dust from working area to others area
•Excellent dust filtration capabilities reduce mechanical and electrical
failures caused by airborne dust
•Recirculates conditioned air to reduce treated / cooled air wasted
through exhaust system – Normally this re-circulation system with HEPA
secondary filters.


Spray Booth (Dry)


  • Booth Size: 2.4m high x 4m wide entrance area

  • 5.5 hp 3 phase 710mm tubeaxial fan with belts, pullies and 

       sheave 18,000 CMH

  • All construct with 1.2 2.0mm galvanized steel

  • All hardware, fasteners and sealants 18 x 24" x 24" exhaust filters ( polyester) 2’x4 ’ fluorescent light fixtures with protected netting

  • Assembly instructions/permit package.


  • Centrifugal Blower

  • Chimney ducting

  • Front filtered doors

  • Additional height (by the foot)

  • Secondary Filter



  • Mechanical Seperator by using centrifugal force to capture big particles.

  • Widely use as a Pre-separator in dust extraction system.

  • Also commonly use in transferring or conveying unit for process line.

  • Available 3mmthk , 4.5mmthk till 6mmthk depends on the dust characteristics.

  • Construction Material available for Mild Steel & Stainless Steel.

Industrial Blowers

  • Centrifugal fan come with radial blade design.

  • Available for high pressure blowers, ring, till root blower series.

  • High temperature blower c/w durable & high temp paint

  • Provide compatible lightweight centrifugal fan for those commercial & light dust load application.


Evaporative Air-Cooler (EAC)

  • Electrical appliance that consists of a fan or blower that draws in fresh air, naturally cool in down at the wet curtain by evaporation process and blower the fresh cool air through the room.  

  • EAC designed for Open or Semi Open space.

  • Always ensure that some doors or windows are open so that fresh, cool air produced by EAC can easily flush out the hot and contaminated air inside your room.

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