Industrial Application
Household appliances, Shoes, Printing, Cladding, Packaging, Food processing, Textiles, Garments, Plastic injection, Diecasting, Spray coating, Machining, Fabrication, Rubber processing, Greenhouse, Farming, Flower, etc.
Public Area Application
Flea-Market, Outdoor Function, Sport Complex, School Hall, Community Hall, Underground car park, Bus station, Toilet, etc. To increase ventilation fresh and flush out hot and contaminated air.
Commercial Application
Workshops, Restaurants, Mamak Stall, Food Court, Smoking room, Kitchen, Canteen, Combine with normal air conditional for better ventilation to increase oxygen content in the room.
Outdoor Function Application
We provide rental service for outdoor function like company grand opening, wedding party, company activities, family day, annual dinner, new product launching, exhibition, sport events, etc. AIRBOND provide total solution for you including Delivery to customer site, Unit setup and Final collection



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